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Sat, Dec 01



The 20/20 Vision

The 20/20 VISION WILL BE REVEALED AT ManiFEST & is included in the ManiFEST Ticket. It is not a separate event. A campaign to create an unprecedented shift on a Global level. A shift in Consciousness that translates to the most loving action on the planet in our known history.

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The 20/20 Vision
The 20/20 Vision

Time & Location

Dec 01, 2018, 7:00 PM

Perth, Perth WA 6000, Australia

About the Event

The 20/20 Vision is a Game Changer. An UPRECEDENTED GLOBAL SHIFT.

A global campaign that will create major shifts on the planet in 2020.

In 20/20 the World Eats.

We are just at the very start of this Epic journey. The seed of this vision is being nurtured - the energy is building - the most spectacular campaign the world has ever seen is being developed....

YOU can help DREAM it in at ManiFEST - where the 20/20 Vision will first be revealed in a Collaborative Dreaming with many.


Dreaming in a New Earth - A New Eden - Unity Consciousness



The 20/20 Vision is a campaign to Shift the Planet in 2020. This shift will be UNPRECEDENTED. It involves the whole world. It is a massive shift towards unity consciousness - translating to down-to-earth physical action that will change Billions of Lives. Everyone will be touched by the HEART of this epic movement. Our World WILL Shift. It IS shifting.

Everyone that I have personally told about the 20/20 Vision is awed by it's scope, it's vision, it's beauty and potential. It is simple, yet profound. At first some have questioned the World's readiness for this... but then they feel the readiness in themselves, and they open to this profound possibility...

There are enough of us ready to make this happen - to inspire the World.

THE 20/20 VISION WILL BE ANNOUNCED AT MANIFEST - The Conscious Creating & Dreaming Festival here in Perth, W.A. November 30th to December 2nd.

Be there when history is made.... Be there when we first share the Vision of how we are going to Change The World.

All those that attend ManiFEST will not only have an awesome personal festival experience, manifesting for their own lives, but they will also be the SEEDS OF THE 20/20 VISION.

We will Dream it in together, hold the space and the energy for it - Vision it. FEEL it into Being.


One person can move mountains if they fully believe. But many people, with some faith, can also move mountains. Let's see what we can do in the power of us coming together with a joint intention of the Heart. Collaborative Dreaming with Many. Wow.


We cannot share what the vision is until the Festival. The few that know agreed that it needs to shared in a deep Dreaming - in the energy of possibilities - where we can FEEL it and VISION it TOGETHER to create and hold the powerful momentum.

The campaign for the 20/20 Vision will begin straight after the Festival and run through 2019, with the implementation of the VISION in 20/20.


The creation of ManiFEST is a journey of Faith and Trust in Itself. ManiFEST will be manifested. And leaping from that, the bigger and bolder 20/20 Vision.


It is my intention, along with changing the World, that we Remember Who We Truly Are. I intend to share the story of this dreaming and the miraculous unfoldings that bring it through... to SHOW the magic. It is my intention that my life is a testimony to the fact that we ARE dreamers... and our Dreams CAN come through, no matter how big they are.

And as I sit here in this moment I KNOW the 20/20 Vision will happen. All my other Dreamings have come through/are coming through, in the most spectacular and unexpected of ways. It is like I am an instrument of life and as I dare to let myself dream into those things that bring me the greatest excitement and Joy... Life flows through me... Magic flows... and the Dreams unfold in miraculous way. Life Dreaming through me. Me dreaming into Life. 





A long, incredible story short: During a day of the highest vibration and belief I have every experienced, and while dreaming about ManiFEST and what we could use the proceeds of the festival for - what we could channel all that powerful energy and momentum of Dreaming into...

I received a PROFOUND VISION. I was shown how we CAN Change the World - Now.

I was in AWE. My whole being was silenced. When I saw the Vision through to it's conclusion - I saw a New Earth - A New Eden - Unity Consciousness. My biggest Dreaming. The implications are too huge to capture.

The Vision is simple. But profound.

May I be so bold as to say you will love it. :)


I will be capturing the magic and synchronicities as we go - sharing this incredible journey through short Videos and Blogs on the Face Book Page. There will be LOTS OF MIRACLES.... It's going to have to be good - The energies know that we have to inspire the World ;)

And we will.

For now we will keep everyone up-to-date and inspired through "The Dreaming" Face Book page

Simply Click on the link at the bottom of this page


This dreaming, of a healed planet, is the combination of the desire of untold souls - for untold years. And who knows what dimensions and energies may also be dreaming it, supporting it. (I've experienced miracles to suggest there are other dimensions working with us).

I know there are many all around the world who are feeling the calling - the desire to be in service to this shift in Consciousness. To heal and unite us - to create Heaven on Earth. It IS possible. I've seen it.

If you've read this far, I'm assuming it's your vision too. So Thank you. For all the work you've already done in a million different ways in your own life, to be here now.... holding the seeds of your own visions for a healed planet and people.

THE TIME IS NOW! Can you FEEL it?!


* Passion. Faith. Advertising. Support. This vision requires us to inspire the world. We need numbers. Tell your friends - spread the word. Share the FB page. Share this email... share, share, share. Dream, dream, dream.

* Join the FaceBook Page. We will keep you updated - keep you in the loop of the Magic - keep you inspired - connect you with like-minded community.

* BUY A TICKET TO ManiFEST. We will have the website up soon. But in the mean-time... you can go to the Facebook page and find details there. (click on the link at the bottom of this page)

* Volunteer. This is a CO-CREATION. Do you have something you could do that could help us set up a PHENOMENAL Festival and Campaign? Marketing? Advertising? Art? Graphic Design? Website builder? Actual Building Builder?!

Is there something that YOU have been wanting to manifest?

* DONATE. I have no doubt that many many people will come on board and give generously of their time and skills. And the profits of ManiFEST will go towards supporting the 20/20 Campaign. AND, Ohhhh to have funds!! To support these incredible beings who want to change the world for the better... to hire the best of the best for the campaign. To allow myself and a small team to devote our time and energies for these next 9 months to creating something truly phenomenal - To supporting a shift in Consciousness on the Planet.

If you wish to support through a gift of cash we would be so so grateful. You can support through the GoFundMe campaign.

I will be transparent and show where all the money is powerfully used.


I am dedicated to this Vision. I am ALL IN. Though I have other work, it is my intention that I will focus as much time and energy as possible on ManiFEST & the 20/20 Vision. (In fact, it's my intention that soon I will be able to focus 100% of my passion and energy on it).


The shift in consciousness is happening now. WE ARE the wayseers... the New Dreamers... the believers... anchoring a new energy. Bringing in unity consciousness. Changing the World.

Just because it's so divine to do so.

Just so we realise who we really are.

Just for the JOY of it.

So much love to you all.

Deep breathe.

Buckle up.

Let's do this.


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