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Bigges Dream

Hi I'm Tash,

Around six years ago a few things happened that completely changed my understanding of the World.  I experienced enough to know, without doubt, that there is something going on beyond what I had been taught about life.  Since then I have been committed to living, testing and exploring the teachings of Law of Attraction (Conscious Creating) - and the results continue to blow my mind. 


One of the early paradigm shifting experiences was through my partner becoming a channel and connecting with "higher energies".  I would never have believed such things had I not been a part of his journey and experienced the inexplicable Magic first hand.  We had many sessions together in which the higher energies would teach me about who I am - who we are - and encourage me to Dream. 

In one particularly powerful session, I went deep into meditation to explore the question the higher energies had asked me: "If you truly believed you were God source energy, able to create anything at all, what would you create?". 


An answer welled up within me:  I would create a healed planet.  A New Eden.  The end of suffering. 

I was overwhelmed with the feeling and the Vision I experienced in that session.  It was a defining moment.


As I came out of the meditation I asked the higher energies, "Is this Dream truly possible?".  


They replied:


It is already within you

And you are not alone. 

There are many around the World Dreaming the Same Dream.  

And WE are with you all.  


This message, coupled with the phenomenal Magic I experienced around it, was profound enough that I dedicated myself to exploring, living and testing the teachings of Conscious Creating/Dreaming.


I decided that, if the teachings are true - that we are able to Dream for the All and bring that Dream into reality - then I would know it, and my life would become a testimony - an example of the power of tapping into the field and daring to believe in our highest visions.  In this way, Dreaming has become my own personal form of activism. 

It seems so crazy still as I write it now. So wild. Ridiculous even:  Really?  Just Dream in a New Earth?  It seems completely preposterous and I have questioned myself and the teachings a million times over.  But Magic has continued to unfold, not only in my life, but the lives of everyone around me that is also exploring these teachings. I have worked with many groups and individuals over the past six years and I have witnessed, experienced and heard hundreds of stories of miracles and magic. 


AND - as I continue to learn -  these teachings are not some new age reverie or hype, they are deeply rooted in many ancient texts, cultures and prophecies; in Indigenous Lore; in the teachings of awakened beings; in the understanding gained by those who have had near death experiences; and more recently, many elements are being reflected in the findings of quantum physics and other scientific realms.  

It is my experience that there is something to this.  There IS Magic going on here. There is Grace. 

I intend to capture the magic as it unfolds to inspire you, to show you (and myself) how this is bigger than us, that we are tapping into something beyond our comprehension - something that is working for the benefit of the all. 

So Please subscribe and follow and I would love to hear from you.  We do this TOGETHER.  Supporting, encouraging and inspiring each other.  Daring greatly in our own Worlds and bringing back the Magic.  It's courageous.  I believe we are way-seers and I honour that.  So thank you for being here... and I look forward to building the field, building the momentum and going on this ride with you. 



A Bolder

"About Tash"

I am a dreamer!  Daring to test that we are Conscious Creators - I can do better than the above.  So here goes, for the FUN of it - and just in case, right?  Might as well go all in.  Because if it's true that I am Source Energy, able to declare and Manifest who I am and why I'm here... then I want to make the story a damn good one. 


My name is Nata.  I am a multidimensional being.  My energy field is a divine pulse, a resonance of universal unity, a gateway, a sacred bridge, a frequency spanning eternity, a cosmic wave sowing seeds of Eden in a vibration aligned with pure love. 

I have Dreamed in a New Earth - a healed planet.  It is my God Self's greatest desire: Healing for All. Now I declare that Dream done and I watch and partake in it's profound unfolding.  


My New Dream is to awaken to who I truly am - and to be a part of the awakening of others - and of consciousness itself.  

My life is ever deepening love, trust and playfulness. I am creating beauty in the World: community, music, love, union, bliss, MAGIC.... 

My life is a testimony to Who We Truly Are - to possibilities - to our potential.

I am in ever deepening awe, grace, love and bliss. 



Thanks! Message sent.

​It's OK...

Go gently, gently.

We just don't realise Who We Truly Are.


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