RELAX...& Reveal the Miraculous 

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TRUST, RELAX, ALLOW, SURRENDER...& change your World from the Inside Out.

WAKE THE DREAMING is a 30 Day program to support you to open to and experience the profound possibilities of Who You Truly Are.  


Based in the teachings of Law of Attraction, this 30 Days will guide you into Mastery of your state of being (vibration).  It will inspire you to live life FROM source, AS source - rather than reacting to the external world.  As you relax, and your vibration shifts, life will reflect the shifts in miraculous ways. 


  • True Relaxation

  • Synchronicities & Divine Timing

  • New direction & opportunities
  • The Exhilaration & Power of Dreaming

  • Greater Joy, Trust & Peace

  • New levels of Self-Love, Courage & Self-expression

  • Clearer Guidance/Wisdom/Intuition
  • Profound Magic & Grace

Law of Attraction states that we are God Source Energy in a Physical Body, co-creating our World in every moment through our Vibration - our state of being.  There are no words for how BIG this is.  It is a radical shift in our understanding of the World and Who We Are.  Experience it for yourself...


This is not just an on-line course.  This is a community.  You will be powerfully supported, encouraged and inspired all the way through the 30 Days - via the course content, the passionate facilitators and the courageous leaps and unfolding Magic of each person in the group.  A powerful field is created among group members that not only deepens our personal journey - but also creates a community of like-minded souls - a soul tribe.  These are connections that will stay with you as you continue to expand into these new dimensions. 


This is the time of the Great Awakening.  And this is how we do it.  As our little streams gather together to form raging rivers... little groups like this around the World continue to dare greatly, bring back the Magic and inspire others.  Building a World-Wide field.  Dreaming for ourselves and the All. 

Change Your World from the Inside Out 


“Mind blowing.  I am forever changed." 

—  Luke Pursley


  • Three Powerful Workshops:   INITIAL: Shift your Perspective of Yourself and the World: Step through the portal, open to the profound, hone your practice and discover the art, joy & power of DREAMING.  MIDWAY: Share & inspire. FINAL: To integrate, celebrate and consolidate. 

  • Stunning Morning Meditations & Dreaming Music (15 mins):  from Inspiring Teachers & Musicians.  Be Lulled into Alignment each morning. Set your emanation for the day. 

  • Individual Coaching, Support & Guidance from Tash Kelly - Throughout the 30 Days Tash will answer questions, offer guidance through your personal experiences and  clarification and support around the teachings.

  • The powerful support of the Group - On-Line and In-Person - We are all Masters & Students here. Magic happens in many ways and is shared in the group. You will receive much love, wisdom & support from each other and from the facilitators, Tash Kelly & Nicola Adams


To Master Your State of Being....To RELAX

  • Meditation - You will receive inspiring guided meditations each morning from various Teachers/Masters.

  • The art of DREAMING - You will be taught to access the Magic of your imagination.  

  • Stunning Music - Sound is vibration, it tunes the soul.  You will receive stunning musical scores daily to DREAM & soar.   

  • Gratitude - the Alignment Super Power - you will be supported to see new perspectives - to recognise Magic 

  • Daily support, wisdom & inspiration -  from facilitators and each other.  The love, wisdom and insight that develops in these groups is divine - it heightens the group field and will inspire you to leap...  

  • The Group Field - there is magic in a group connected in heart centred intentions.  

Relax | Trust | Dream



In-person groups: Fremantle, Western Australia


On-line Facebook Group


The next Wake The Dreaming begins on Thursday 22nd October, 2020 and completes on Sunday 22nd November, 2020



(1) Initial Workshop:

Thursday, 22nd October (6pm - 9pm)

(30 Days begins Friday, 23rd)

(2) Midway Gathering:

Sunday 8th November (6:30pm - 8:30pm), South Fremantle


(3) Final Gathering:

Sunday 22nd November (5pm - 8pm)

How Much:

$300 pp

Wake The Dreaming 13

Let the Program do the 'work' FOR you

Lull yourself into Alignment...

Simply wake up... plug in... relax and SOAK IT UP.  Let the stunning meditations and music soothe your soul into alignment and inspire you into possibilities.  Allow yourself to be moved into thrilling, fantastical realms through visualisations (DREAMING).  And Voila!  You're flying...

Throughout the Day you will be held in the power of the Group Field - supported by the wisdom, love & passion of the facilitators and each other. Be blown away by the shares of MAGIC from each individual in the Group as we each take courageous leaps of TRUST.


You will be buoyed, inspired, encouraged into MASTERING YOUR STATE OF BEING.  And when you master your state of being - you enter the FLOW state…

EASE, GRACE & Mind-blowing MAGIC.

Do this for 30 Days and watch your World Shift.... open to Who You Truly Are. 


See you in the Vortex. <3


This is the shift in consciousness, we are the pioneers, the way -seers, we do this not only for ourselves but for the ALL.  As we venture into these realms and bring back Magic, others will be inspired to open to these realms too.  


This is how we shift consciousness... each one of us independently... and then our little streams meeting other streams - until we are a raging river of energy - remembering Who We Truly Are. 

We look forward to Journeying with you.

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Tash was cracked open to the profound through: irrefutable Magic; connection with other realms; an experience of being 'source'; & mind blowing results with Conscious Creating.   Now it is her passion to offer Workshops, Events & Individual Sessions based in exploring new paradigms, opening to the possibilities of Who We Truly are and Dreaming our highest Vision Versions of Reality. She holds powerful sacred space of transformation and connection and her greatest joy is facilitating others to experience the Magic of life.  Her personal Big Bold Dreaming is A New Earth - A New Eden through Awakened Consciousness. 


Nicola is passionate about exploring the mystery that we are.  She is a qualified Fractologist and brings her knowledge of this work, and her natural gifts of intuition, insight & clarity to powerfully support each 30 Day process. Nicola's wisdom & love is like energetic glue in the group field. 




**We meet as fellow students and Masters.  You are your own Master.  So although Tash & Nicola are facilitating and teaching, they are also always doing their own work and process within the 30 Days.