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$90/hr Singles

$120/hr Couples

Launceston, Tasmania



Support to tap into your own healing, wisdom and guidance.  You are your own Master. Your life journey is unique to you and so is your healing.  Sessions with Tash are like mini shamanic journeys - sourcing your own answers - learning to access and trust  your own body, intuition and connection. With powerful ancient and modern teachings  that offer us pointers and remind us of the possibilities of Who We Truly Are. 

Reveal grace and magic in your life

Access your own wisdom and answers

Deepen peace and trust

Open to the possibilities of sexual energy and pleasur


What Happens?

The sessions are a mix of teachings, counselling, body work, meditation and Dreaming. The practice is to meet everything that arises with deep presence and 'listening'. Emotions, realisations and memories surface to support a process unique to your own needs.  We are accessing an intelligence and a wisdom of the body and the field.  


  • Body Work - Somatic Experiencing

  • Energy work

  • Living in Process (Anne Wilson Schaef)

  • The Work (Byron Katie)

  • Meditation & Journeying

  • Tantra, Taoism |  Sacred Sexuality

  • Emotional Processing

  • Law of Attraction - Conscious Creating (Dreaming)

  • Channelling



Tash first discovered Tantra & Taoism in her 20's and they formed the basis of her spiritual path. She has worked with many singles and couples and witnessed first hand the transformative power of these ancient teachings.

In 2012 a life changing experience opened her more deeply to the multi-dimensional nature of reality. Since then Tash as been exploring consciousness with a focus on the teachings of Law of Attraction.  

Tash holds powerful sacred space of transformation & connection, guiding deep Dreamings into the world of the Imagination - where magic happens. Her greatest joy is facilitating others to experience the grace and magic of life.

Please feel welcome to call for a free chat to get more of a sense of Tash and this work. 


  • Bachelor Behavioural Science (Majoring in Psychology)

  • Australian School of Tantra  - Tantra Practitioner Training

  • Quantum Touch Healing

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Please feel welcome to call and have a chat! 


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If you want to see change happen in your life in a safe and positive way, work with Tash - she is amazing! Thank you for your incredibly generous spirit Tash.


Perth, W.A. 19/06/2016

Tash Kelly is one of the most inspiring and heart centred people l have ever met. She listens deeply, is kind and skilled at helping you open yourself to the magic that happens in your life every day. She has a bevy of tools to support you when life is overwhelming and obstacles appear in all directions. Ways to get really clear and focused with the what and how you want life to be and how to get there ... and see you are already creating it... highly recommend her sessions

Sohalia Poppins

Perth, W.A. 14/11/2019

It was magical how,  through the visioning, I was shown the blocks that were holding me back.  And I 'heard' clearly how to work with this.  I felt higher energies in the dreaming.  It was amazing to experience this connection.  I feel opened, expanded and more deeply trusting of life.


Perth, W.A.

Thanks so much Tash for a special session of dreaming... and connecting my souls little voice and love.  The Magic bringing it all together of my drawing that morning, that ended up matching the 'seeing' I had when you guided me during the dreaming! Some kind of telepathic sharing happened there! Wow.  So Fun and Magical.  I excitedly await the next one.

Belinda Whateley

Perth, W.A.

I am so grateful for this deep healing.  It was truly an incredible experience. Thank you.


Perth, W.A.

I feel humbled and grateful to be held and inspired by this amazing woman, a beacon of light, who shares her light and love so generously with those around her.  Natasha's work and way of seeing, her wise words, her patience and tact - help me walk more confidently as a powerful human being that I came to be, in service to this humanity and Awakening of Human Consciousness.


Natasha's work is an absolute gift to those who choose to work with her and get inspired by her.  What I find amazing is that she is a carrier of amazing wisdom.  She has this never-ending dedication to the new way of being and authentically shares herself with those around her. 


Natasha helps people recognise and relax into their authentic power, subsequently stepping up into their true selves and sharing the gifts we all have and need to unwrap and share with teh world.  I see Natasha's work as very important in creation of world peace.  She is an inspiration and a gift to all those who work with her.


Perth, W.A. 21/12/2017

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible session you gave us yesterday.  We are definitely coming again for another session. xox


Perth, W.A.

I just want to say thanks again for today....the dreaming you gave at the end was beautiful, I have never experienced anything like that before.   From the heart thanks Tash.


Perth, W.A.

Hi Tash

I just wanted to say thank you for my recent session with you, I will be honest I truly didn’t know what to expect before our time together.

As you know it had been a really challenging time for me, with so many unexpected events n upcoming surgery for my youngest child, I truly didn’t feel strong enough to get my girl through her next surgery or that I was worthy of being her mumma, as her grace strength n love through all she had been through made me question who I was.

I still remember you asking me if I had ever tried mediation before,? my answer a couple of times but I just can’t find a quiet place n I keep telling my self to think of nothing n it doesn’t work..

Well I went into a place I didn’t even know was possible!! Total bliss n my whole body tingled, with ur guidance I realised I had this I was strong enough worthy enough n that love always wins. When  we love ourselves n trust in we are where we are suppose to be a sense of calm comes to us.

Thank you for your gift ur love/ friendship n for being you.

Lots of love


Terina Camilla

Caloundra, QLD

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