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Trust | Relax | Allow

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Creating an upward spiral of Momentum

We have a momentum of a lifetime of thoughts and beliefs - a habit of thinking. And it's usually fear based and negative.  We believe we need to maintain constant effort and control to survive and "get somewhere".  This creates deep anxiety and disconnection from intuition/source.  It can be challenging to give our minds (and ourselves) a break given these beliefs. 

The whole teaching of Law of Attraction is that we can RELAX.  We can hand over to something much bigger than ourselves (that is also somehow ourselves).  And that life will inspire and guide us into aligned action - action that is in alignment with our higher self's true desires.  This is the focus of the 30 Days.  To dare to believe in a whole different perspective of life and who we are. To tap more and more into relaxation/trust aka, alignment. The Flow state.  In the state of alignment your whole vibration is different.  You are emanating newly.  You are consciously choosing your state of being regardless of the outside circumstances. You are sourcing yourself.


This is when the Magic happens. Ideas flow, the right people turn up, wisps of dreams start coming in, intuition and intrinsic motivation kicks in, difficult situations miraculously fix themselves etc...


When you have personally experienced that circumstances shift when you shift - something happens.... it allows more faith, more willingness to accept the possibilities of Who We Truly Are. With a little more faith and willingness, we are inspired to take bigger leaps... to trust life a little more.... to trust ourselves a little more... to choose our JOY a little more ... and the upward spiral of Magic continues to expand.  The momentum of the new habits gathers strength.  A new trajectory of life is started... and the practice gets easier to maintain.   

This is part of the intention for this 30 Days.  To set you on a New Trajectory for your life. To give you knowledge and experience that means you can never look at "problems" the same way. 


You will find yourself in the habit of looking for Magic...



It is not another 'thing' to add to your list of things you "should" do.  It is a space to be supported to focus on the practices that you already know connect you with Source - meditation, gratitude, dreaming. 

This is NOT to fix you, to fix your life, to make yourself better, to improve yourself.  Actually we are simply REVEALING our already perfect self - the Magic that is already here.  We practice letting go of all the beliefs and old habits that have obscured who we truly are. 

So though there is a kind of efforting it is a different kind of effort to what we're used to:  this the effort to not effort - The effort to courageously relax!

So let the 30 Days Work for you.  Treat yourself, Gift Yourself, Love Yourself through it.  Go GENTLY.  Do the meditations on your own or join with other group members.  You don't HAVE to share in the group.  But we do encourage you to make the most of the power of the group field. 

Treat it as a retreat... and be curious about life...

Introducing Dreaming &

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction states: "That which is like unto itself is drawn".  Your state of being attracts physical representations of similar vibrations into your world.  For example, if you are feeling peace and happiness, you will create things in your reality that represent peace and happiness to you.


So what's important is your vibration - your state of being.  Importantly, it doesn't matter whether your state of being is conjured through reacting to reality or conjured through DREAMING.  Either way it's YOU that is conjuring the vibration.  YOU are the source of the emanation.  The way you conjure the emanation makes no difference.  

Dreaming is tapping into limitless potential - Alternate realities - Your Higher Self.  It is new territory - a relatively unknown skill on the leading edge of the understanding of Conscious Creating.  We/you are the pioneers. 

TheTools Explained



​15 Minutes.

Beautiful, Moving & Inspiring Guided Meditations with Various Masters & Teachers. 


Meditation is the unequivocal pointer of ALL Masters on the path of connecting to Who We Truly Are. 


Meditation interrupts our old flow and allows our "cork to rise".  It takes us very quickly into Alignment.  It is not a "doing".  It is a "relaxing".  The doing IS relaxing. Because who we are is already perfect.  Well-being and magic is already flowing to us and through us - we simply need to stop interrupting the flow of our God Self. 

Meditation is the gateway to our own answers, to the mystery of the universe, to Waking Up. 


5 - 15 Minutes  

With Stunning Musical Scores as background to DREAM to. 


Meditation is home base.  It takes us Within.  It reminds us Who We Truly Are.  And then DREAMING (Conscious Creating) allows us to play with, and reflect Who We Truly Are. They are two paths to awakening.  They are interconnected and feed each other. Two sides of the same coin. 


DREAMING is the key to Conscious Creating and it's an incredible experience in its own right. The ability to Visualise - to see what is not yet before us - to overlay our reality with what we want, rather than focussing on what we don't want - is an incredible art.  Gaining Mastery over what we are creating with our minds.  Limitless Dreaming helps us enter states unaffected by old beliefs. Dreaming just for the Pure, Child-Like JOY of it - Playing in our imagination where all things are possible. 


Within a few minutes of Dreaming you can reach very high vibrational states of being: experiencing bliss, moving through Magical Landscapes - Receiving gifts, messages and teachings from your higher-self - or just resting in the experience/vibration of limitless playfulness/love/joy...  And it's this state of vibration that ALLOWS Magic to flow into your world. 

The Group Field:

Sharing On-Line on Facebook and in the morning zoom calls. 

Through our joint intentions there is a powerful group field created during the 30 Days.  We are energy beings in a field of energy - together we create a 'hot spot'.  We are all students and Masters here - with a lifetime of experience and wisdom to share - and you WILL experience Magic during this 30 Days.  So we encourage you to tap into this group energy, allow it to buoy you and to SHARE yourself.  Shine. We raise each other up, we do this TOGETHER. It's a shift in group Consciousness. 

Tash's Intention for Wake The Dreaming V

It is my dreaming that we leave this 30 Days in awe.  Our willingness to trust and allow, follow our joy and live in alignment has allowed life to show up in undeniably magical ways.  We realise Life is FOR us and this changes EVERYTHING.  We are ecstatic... so connected and in love with ourselves, the group, life.  We are embued with TRUST.  We are living in the deepest trust we have every experienced.  It is the most stunning mix of passion & excitement mixed with peace - a peace we've never felt before. We are excited to LEAP further into this Dream... excited to DREAM into our highest vision version of reality - to LIVE IN ALIGNMENT, to FOLLOW OUR JOY.  We are connected to source... awed at Who We Are.  How life is showing up.  We are DARING to be seen and heard and to LOVE limitlessly.... we are excited to SHINE OUR LIGHT... to live our calling... to be ourselves.  We feel JOY.  We have been moved to tears many times over this 30 Days.  Tears of relief, of love, of the deepest gratitude.  This 30 Days changes all of our lives... and we FEEL the shift in Consciousness.  We feel the MAGIC of life....and it exudes from us.  We EMANATE love.  WE create our World.  We dance and play and laugh and give thanks. 

My Intention

You are the Shift In Consciousness that is happening now

Contact Tash



Please feel very welcome to call me and have a chat :)

I love to meet fellow Dreamers.

Thanks! Message sent.



​From Wake The Dreaming 1

11/11/17 - 10/12/17

(Italics: comments that were taken from during the course.)

I loved it so much and found the whole experience so friggin' amazing I want to do it again.

I'm getting this, bit by bit we are changing consciousness and not just our own.

I'm feeling powerful, a power I've never let come out before.

I'm in awe of how, just by committing to this 30 Days my whole way of being through the day has shifted.

Through the dreaming music I was flipping through the air hovering above my daughter and exploding into light.  As you do.

I commit to this journey of limitless possibilites of how this world can becom one of love and joy.  For me, my daughter and all of humanity.

It's funny...I'm so aware of Magic that I catch myself looking for it with such anticipation that it must be coming

Loving myself, letting myself feel it all and focusing on what I do want I believe has created an enormous shift on such a deep level. This whole experience feels really profound. 


Perth. W.A.

The potency of the Magic and it's evident signs is quite astonishing.


I am becoming more fearless and true. 

I feel my energy being upgraded, love asking more of me, so I may offer this to myself and those around me.

I am learning to watch the unfolding of it all without leaving my centre and feeling consumed by what appears to be not working.... greater connection to zest and possibilities inside a fresh landscape.

Wow just have to add a vision I had.  I am becoming the lustrous pearl... it's beauty is formed by layers built from a grain of sand or a parasite that create the unseeminly perfect environment to bloom...

So grateful to be here in such a safe container in this evolution

I feel like I am ready to take up more space in the world, my energy imbued with a new level of confidence and trust and a subtle joy is here in my heart, feels like the joy that births at the start of spring. 

I see I have moved into a woman of greater substance anchoring into a fresh energy that feels like hope, and a playful curiousity with eyes wide open and a prayer of gratitude alive in my heart for the gift of pain as a catalyst for alchemy.


Perth. W.A.

I have tears in my eyes. ...a confirmation of the work we are doing - by surrendering and being authentic with awesome moments and sad and challenging moments.  We are surrendering and being in service of this massive shift happening - one person at a time.  This is why we came here at the time we did.

The highest form of freedom (tears in my eyes) is to be able to be unaffected by the storms of other people's expressions, unconsciousness, pain and divisions.  I am free of that and I stand for love.

I'm also stepping into a new way of being - peace.  God knows it's what I've always wanted and craved, but I now feel it's within and always available.  Thoughts may create turbulence but peace is always there.


Perth. W.A.

This stuff is mind blowing.  I'm experiencing the cells of my being change.  I'm dreaming big, effortlessly.  So grateful for this n to us all n this opportunity of dreaming n co-creating together.  WOW.

Thank you soooo much for this opportunity and gift of opening into the potential that's already here, waiting for us to come home.  For me it's like this course is a new school of learning in which I'm creating the foundations for my future.  First 30 Days of the rest of my life.


Often tears of gratitude well up in my eyes in the dreaming, such tangible expansive joy.  Feeling inspired, rewired and relaxing deeply into my mojo. Yeah!

Still in awe at the gift of this process.

It's been going deep.  I feel so held and it all feels OK, just a deeper invitation for all to come into love. 

I see now why this feels so important to get this out there for you Tash.  It's miraculous and so simple.

This is your calling and I so support this in you.  Pioneer of positive living with trust, revolutionary of allowing all that is to shine.  Thanks for this gift.

To the mothers on this course I deeply honour your amazing capacity and see the space between each cell, each thought each moment in you expanding into present moments of peace in action.  The flow of the feminine is often in motion, no caves of silent enlightenment, full passionate flow of embodiment in action.



Perth. W.A.

I entered wake the dreaming with much excitement. Not having practiced or been taught a lot about law of attraction I often felt small in the presence of others that know more. During the 30 days I was encouraged, guided and nurtured through the whole journey with so much love, I was prompted freely to open up and share. I feel this has turned my life around in a very positive way and I look forward to doing the 30 day wake the dreaming again!

I found all the meditations and dreaming music today exhilarating! I just had the most wonderful dreaming I want to share the feeling like an excited child!  There were swirls of white dancing and spinning and a white horse appeared, it had huge white wings, it had a unicorns horn that released so much light and coloured glittery sparkles.  It felt so joyful.  Like I was in amongst the stars.  I knew the horse, it felt like a long lost friend i ran to her and hugged her so tight and cried real tears.  We flew together through the stars and the sparkles.  I was so happy, free, exhilarated!  I still have the feeling it is so wonderful, I have so much love for the horse.

Thank you so much for this 30 Days.  It is wonderful.  I was told yesterday by a friend that my positive energy was amazing!!  My daughter has commented that I am more positive.  Loving life.


Perth. W.A.

At this time I feel ecstatic.  It is amplified by the thought that my happiness created this and through that thought, it grows.  It's a cycle, a new habit that has replaced the old habit.

Tears of joy.  I am actually getting to know myself again.  It's wonderful to just be.  I find my emotions to be stable and allowing.  The resistance melting.  Yesterday I both laughed and cried.  I always give myself 'permission' to laugh, but not so much to cry.  So yesterday I truly felt like my own best friend, just doing what I needed to do, knowing that it would pass.  To go gently gently.

After a massive turning point on Tuesday, listening to my heart and the needs of my body, these last few days have felt aligned, joyful and balanced.  Deeply grateful.


It's so fulfilling to read everyone's words and it feels so nourishing and safe to just 'be' in this community which we have created.  I am so grateful to be receiving new materials and especially diving deeper into the 'dreaming'.  This is a new concept for me, to just dream for the hell and fun of it with some powerful music! 


Perth. W.A.

Doing this as a group it is firstly real great money wise, if you are looking for a lasting gift to yourself and you see the value of practicing for 30days (mornings) but do not know how. Secondly, the best part of this collective session is, that you grow together as a close knit group which the moderators guide so upliftingly. This results in propelling you inward and forward in establishing new habits, which you never knew even existed within your desire or within you. Yes you may leave or participate in the background at any time if that feels right and just know the door is open to come back in. There will always be a strong core available to share any progress, feelings or stumbles and for you to receive and share insights if you want. No matter how introvert or independent you are, do yourself this favor and realize now that growing and making changes in your life does feel so much better when inspired and taking your own steps on a daily basis-TOGETHER. I have become a changed person as new neuropathways have established in my brain which serves as a foundation and co-lead to me establishing my desires. I have been part of how it works and it is so much fun and convenient to go daily this deeeeeep in yourself from the comfort your home and behind the laptop. Really, if you are used to and enjoy face to face meetups, be assured that in this 30 day session with Natasha and Nicola, the face-meetings are just a good start and bonus to the facebook group treasures you are working with.


Perth. W.A.

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