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People gathered all around the World to stand united in a vision and dream for a New Earth and Healed Planet on the Great Conjunction & Solstice of 21/12/2021 - An incredibly rare cosmic event heralding the Age of Aquarius. 

In Perth there were many events in support of this World Wide Event - ours was "The Gathering". An incredible journey unfolded in it's creation, culminating in 1000 people coming together in a stunning venue for a profound and Magical night that was the result of the powerful energy and intention of all those who gathered. 


Together we Shifting Consciousness, stepping into our power and anchoring the New Earth. 




I share my personal journey because one of my intentions is to Dream and show the results - for my life to be a testimony to the power of the Work.


In 2018 I dreamed into an event that would happen in 2020 where people would gather to help shift consciousness.  The energy of this dreaming felt huge - and I imagined a stadium full of people (this image was as big as I could Dream) - all united in the same Vision of a New Earth - a New Eden - and Dreaming together at a precise moment to make this Manifest. 

This Dream took all my faith to believe in.  I held the faith for two years.  Interestingly, a couple of days after I "gave up" in late August 2020 ... something beyond my wildest expectations unfolded.


An ancient prophecy emereged from Indigenous Elders at Uluru, Australia (the centre of Dreaming and the Dreamtime).


It told of the 21/12 being a date that would offer a shift in consciousness - and the final piece of a long ceremony - to anchor in the New Earth.  There was a clarion call for people to unite all around the World on this Date and Dream for the New Earth.  There were even instructions on how to Dream.  Not only that - this event was to occur on the convergence of The Great Conjunction (an incredibly rare cosmic event that was to begin the Age of Aquarius) and the summer solstice - making this a once in a 3000 year event. 

So my personal Dream (and the dream of so many others) became Manifest in a bigger way than I would ever have dared Dream.


Not a stadium full - but bigger... untold thousands all around the World joined together in unity to Dream on the exact time of the Solstice, to vision in a New Earth and the Age of Aquarius. 

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