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A New Earth - A New Eden


​From Tash:


Around 2012 - my understanding of the World was blown open. 


I had always been a "seeker" but a few major things happened around this time:  My partner at the time became a ChanneI for higher energies (something I would never have fully believed had I not experienced it first hand); I had a mind-blowing experience of "oneness"; and I began practicing Law of Attraction with profound results.

It was all irrefutable proof to me that something bigger, beyond my comprehension, existed.  Beyond what I had been taught about the world.


Over this period of time my whole perspective of life and Who I am shifted... Magic became self evident.   


Since then, it has been my focus to explore Who I Am.  My gateway of choice has been Law of Attraction/Conscious Creating / Dreaming.  Nothing excites me more than the teaching that I Am God Source Energy - here to experience, expand and create - That as I become more conscious and master my state of being, I can begin to allow the energy that creates Worlds to flow through me... I can allow miracles. 


I have experienced enough evidence of these teachings that I now devote my life to living, testing and sharing them.  I am Dreaming Big Dreams.  And they are coming true...

During a channelling session with my partner - the higher energies that came through him encouraged me to dream more boldy - to really open up to my biggest dream. It was to be one of the most profound and impacting sessions I would ever have.


When I allowed myself to dare to believe in my power as Creator and let my imagination run free - when I asked myself what I would truly want if I believed I was God -  I found myself dreaming of a New Earth - I saw earth as Eden. It was a stunning experience. 


As the session was closing, I asked the channelled energies:


“Is this really possible?”

They replied (coupled with some irrefutable magic), “It already exists.  Within You.  There are many people around the World dreaming this same Dream.  And you are not Alone.  We are with you All." 

Since this profound experience I have been ALL IN. It is my world. My passion. Everything I do has this Dreaming at it’s base.  I declared my intent to test these teachings.  To embody them.  For my life to become a testament to them.  To Dream  - and to help others to dream - for the Benefit of ALL.


If it is possible to Dream in a New Earth - a New Eden, I will do it... and I will inspire millions along the way.  


My declaration again, in this moment:   

Dear Universe, Higher Self.  I am ready.  I am Open.  I Trust.  I Create through the inspiration that IS you. Me. I AM dreaming the biggest dream.  I hold the faith.  For the benefit of the All.  In Joy. 



Just at a time when I was in the deepest magic and trust of my life - open and overflowing with love - I found out I was accepted into the 133 Shepherds Course (another one of my Dreamings) - A six month course with a teacher I respected, where 133 people from around the World support each other to live their highest Visions for the Benefit of All beings and the Planet.  

To join this course I needed $1500.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention:
Normally this amount of money would trigger fear and lack in me. But this time, swimming in Magic, I was OPEN.  I trusted. I started to Dream... to imagine... to PLAY in possibilities...

AND THEN... Wow.  What a ride. The possibilities kept building and building and in that WILD, JOYOUS momentum... ManiFEST was born.










A Transformational Conscious Allowing and Dreaming festival.  Manifesting for ourselves and for the Planet.  Changing our world from the Inside Out. 


The festival is coming together with the ease and grace that I have come to expect from a Dreaming that is heart centred and for the benefit of the all. 



ManiFEST Festival was phenomenal! The Dream came true in more powerfully than I Dreamed.  It was pure Magic.  A true testimony to this work. 

Check it out at

Or click on this link: 












While dreaming about the Festival and what we could use the proceeds for - what we could channel all that powerful energy and momentum of dreaming into - and what we could Manifest together as a group...

I received a PROFOUND VISION. I was shown how we CAN Change the World - Now.

I was in AWE.  My whole being was silenced.  I could see that creating a  "New Earth - A New Eden - Unity Consicousness".... IS actually a grounded achievable thing.  The 20/20 Vision was born.


The 20/20 Vision is a campaign to create an UNPRECEDENTED GLOBAL SHIFT on the Planet. 


Update as of 29/09/2020.  This Dream is starting to Manifest.  Keep up to date on FB and through subscribing. 










This dreaming, of a healed planet, is the combination of the desire of untold souls - for untold years.  And who knows what dimensions and energies may also be dreaming it, supporting it. (I've experienced miracles to suggest there are many).

I know there are many all around the world who are feeling the calling - the desire to be in service to this shift in Consciousness.  To heal and unite us - to create Heaven on Earth. It IS possible.

If you've read this far, I'm assuming it's your vision too.  So Thank you.  For all the work you've already done in a million different ways in your own life, to be here now.... holding the seeds of your own visions for a healed planet and people.

I am dedicated to this Vision. I am ALL IN.  It is my intention that soon I will be able to focus 100% of my passion and energy on it.

The shift in consciousness is happening now.  WE ARE the wayseers... the New Dreamers... the believers... anchoring a new energy.  Bringing in unity consciousness.  Changing the World.

Just because it's so divine to do so.
Just so we realise who we really are.
Just for the JOY of it.

So much love to you all.
Deep breathe.
Buckle up.

Let's do this.


20/20 Vision
YOUR Dreaming
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Please feel welcome to call and have a chat! 


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​It's OK...

Go gently, gently.

We just don't realise Who We Truly Are.


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