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Energy Mastery


Experience the benefits of the Cultivation of Sexual Energy
Mastery Over Ejaculation
Pleasure & Intimacy
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South Fremantle

Medical Explanation of P.E.

Energy Mastery - Sexual Health and Vitality

Do you suffer from Premature Ejaculation?


You are not alone. Premature Ejaculation is the most common male sexual dysfunction.  23.8% of Australian men reported that they “came to orgasm too quickly” in the National Sex in Australia survey.

This Two Week Energy Mastery program is designed specifically to resolve premature ejaculation (P.E.). 

The program is based in the still relatively unknown ancient teachings of Tantra and Taoism.  Tantra & Taoism describe the movement of life force/sexual energy in the body for many powerful benefits. 


You will learn the foundational aspects of these teachings which will not only help lesson or resolve P.E. but will change your understanding and relationship to sexuality, intimacy and pleasure.  The techniques are simple, yet powerful and the benefits can be experienced quickly.  

Energy | Mastery | Intimacy  


  • Mastery over ejaculation

  • Deepen intimacy and pleasure

  • Confidence and relaxation

  • More intense and longer lasting pleasure.

  • Different kinds of Orgasm

  • Orgasm without Ejaculating 

  • Energy Orgasms (A type of orgasm that occurs without physical touch)

  • Increased Vitality, health and healing 

  • A sense of deep physical satisfaction

  • A deeper and often profound connection with yourself, your partner and 'life



What is premature ejaculation?

In modern medical terms, premature ejaculation is characterised by a man’s inability to control ejaculation.  It is suggested that the time from penetration to ejaculation of less than two minutes indicates premature ejaculation.  However, ejaculation is only considered premature if it is causing distress to the individual.



Premature ejaculation is caused by complex factors including organic (physical, eg disease, obesity) and psychogenic (relating to the individual’s mind eg. lack of self-esteem, relationships issues). 


Premature ejaculation can be placed in one of two classifications:  Lifelong (meaning premature ejaculation occurred at the first sexual experience and has continued since) or acquired (meaning premature ejaculation has occurred after a period where the Man was able to control ejaculation). 



The primary symptom of premature ejaculation is a man’s inability to control his ejaculations. This commonly results in secondary psychological symptoms, including lack of self esteem, sexual anxiety and relationship problems.


Impact of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation commonly leads to psychological problems including relationship problems, sexual anxiety, lack of satisfaction with sex and avoidance of sexual activity. Premature ejaculation can also lead to sexual dysfunction in the man’s partner, who may be unsatisfied with sex or unable to orgasm.


How is it Diagnosed

In the vast majority of cases, no specific tests are necessary to diagnose premature ejaculation. The diagnosis will usually be made on the basis of a man’s reports of ejaculatory control and resulting distress, and his answers to questions about his past health and sexual experiences.


Current mainstream treatment

Modern medical treatment involves a range methods including psychotherapy, behavioural and pharmacological treatment.  Ideally the treatment involves both partners. Treatments focus on increasing confidence, reducing anxiety and developing sexual technique. 


The general technique given to men to control ejaculation is the “stop-start” technique.  This is where the man will practice stopping stimulation when he begins to get too aroused. However, there is no evidence that such training can cure premature ejaculation. 


Modern treatments also include reducing penile sensation (through condoms or topical creams); and pharmacological treatments (medication).  These options have some impact however, they may also include unpleasant side effects - particularly in the case of medication.  And finally physiotherapy (strengthening the pelvic floor) may be suggested.  However, this also has a lack of evidence regarding the effectiveness of this method.



There are powerful ancient teachings that offer a whole new way of addressing premature ejaculation.  These teachings have still not yet made their way into mainstream culture and medicine. 


Employing Ancient teachings in the effective treatment of Premature Ejaculation. 


Tantra & Taoism are ancient teachings from India and China respectively.  They are an ancient science of understanding life in terms of energy.  The teachings state that everything living is made up of energy - a fact now proven by quantum physics - and that this energy can be cultivated and stored in the body for many profound benefits.  Some of the more commonly known realms of the teachings include: Acupuncture and Yoga.

Cultivating Energy through Retaining the Seed 

The first way Men are taught to cultivate energy in the body is through preventing ejaculation.  Rather than letting ejaculate be released outside of the body, Tantra & Taoism teach how to draw this powerful sexual energy up and into the body - cultivating and storing the energy.  This process, known as ‘retaining the seed’, creates many of the powerful benefits of the work.  Inherent in the teachings is mastery over ejaculation - while at the same time increasing pleasure.

Benefits include: 

  • Increased life force energy = increased vitality, health & healing

  • More intense and longer lasting pleasure (energy is experienced as pleasure in the body)

  • Different kinds of Orgasm

  • Orgasm without Ejaculating (Men can orgasm without ejaculating which results in multiple orgasms while still retaining energy)

  • Energy Orgasms (A type of orgasm that occurs without physical touch)

  • A sense of deep physical satisfaction and strength

  • A deeper and often profound connection to yourself, your partner and 'life


​​What is Premature Ejaculation in terms of Energy (Tantra/Taoism)?

Premature ejaculation occurs where there is no movement or storage of energy in the body.  Sexual Energy builds up in the base (genitals) and then is released out of the base.  This is often experienced as pleasurable, but relatively quick and weak orgasm. If this quick release happens often, a "path of energy" is created and the body more easily releases the energy through that same path.


​Most Men have never moved their sexual energy.  Often Men have also unwittingly trained their energy into a fast track to orgasm through repeatedly watching pornography. Finally, because there doesn't seem to be a simple cure in general understandings, there is often a lot of fear and negative psychological issues that have built up over time which compounds the physical issue.

As Men learn to cultivate the energy and move it up into the body to be stored, all of these issues are addressed and resolved. 

​​Why are mainstream techniques only partially effective in terms of addressing premature ejaculation?

Tantra and Taoism explain why the current mainstream approach to resolving premature ejaculation are only partially effective.  When premature ejaculation is understood in term of a build up of energy, it is quite easy to recognise the issue with mainstream techniques.  For example, in the case of the common "stop-start" technique - Men are taught to interrupt the building energy and to gain some control over holding the energy in the body.  However, without the essential step of moving the energy up and into the body, the building energy still remains in the genitals and the pressure and desire for ejaculation does not dissipate.  Hence this method does not offer full benefits.  Similarly, teaching Men to strengthen the pelvic floor through physiotherapy offers some benefits in that it allows greater strength in the PC muscle to prevent ejaculation, however again, the movement and storage of energy is not understood, and without this aspect the energy remains in the base.  The essential steps of Tantra and Taoism are the movement and storage of energy.  This allows the man to experience much more energy (pleasure) in the body before the pressing desire for release.  It also explains how men experience much more powerful pleasure given the pleasure is allowed to build and spread through the whole body, rather than being focussed in the genitals. 

What if a Man wants to ejaculate?

Once men have retrained their energy, they may ejaculate whenever they choose to.  However, it is important to note that the pleasure men experience without ejaculating is more intense than the pleasure with ejaculation. So there is no sense of ‘missing out’ and because of the many other benefits that come with the practice, men will usually choose to retain the seed (not ejaculate). 


Also, once the energy has been retrained, the movement becomes a habit in the body - almost effortless.  It requires only maintenance exercises which often happen naturally.

How do the teachings work? How is energy cultivated and stored in the body?

The techniques are simple yet powerful and involve breath work, visualisation, pelvic floor strength and activation of energy gates in the body.


The first step is to become aware of the body and the distinct nature of sexual energy.  Once you are aware and connected with the energy, the simple techniques then help you to draw the energy upwards and into the body rather than allowing it to explode out of the base (ejaculation). 


Energy (pleasure) continues to build up in the body without being released.  This then precipitates all of the other benefits that come with this work. You are cultivating life-force chi and storing it in the body.  The results will be self-evident and powerful. As you retrain the body and experience the benefits, you will naturally continue to deepen into the experiences of this realm. 


Individually tailored program with professional Tantra Practitioner, Tash Kelly

​Tash is based in Fremantle, Perth. She has worked in the field of Tantra for several years.  Through many sessions teaching Men, Women and couples about Sacred Sexuality and cultivating energy, it became clear that the teachings were highly effective for resolving premature ejaculation in Men.  This was simply a 'side effect' of the work.  Tantra trained Men can last for as long at they want to - often hours - in intimacy and deep bliss. 


Knowing how ‘common’ premature ejaculation is, Tash was inspired to create a program specifically tailored to addressing Premature Ejaculation.  The Energy Mastery course helps men gain mastery over when they ejaculate while also offering a doorway into all the other benefits of Tantra. 


Gain mastery over ejaculation

Increase confidence, connection and relaxation in intimacy

Transform the way you relate you yourself, sexuality and your partner. 


Couples Encouraged to work together

This work changes lives.  The teachings have the power to transform the way you relate with your partner and to inspire new passion, intimacy, honesty and pleasure in intimacy.  It is always powerful to work as a couple through the program. 


Why a two-week program?

This work requires the retraining of a lifetime of energy habits in the body.  Premature ejaculation is not something that can be “instantly” fixed in one session.  It does take some dedication and commitment to break the habits and gain mastery over the energy.  The two-week process supports your work, makes you accountable, encourages your progress and guarantees greater results.  

What results can I expect within Two Weeks?

Some Men have profound experiences even in the first session.  Generally however,  it takes more than one session for the deeper benefits to be experienced.  These are very different realms -whole new approach to sexuality - so it takes some time to understand the teachings and experience the benefits. Once you truly experience the energy, the 'work' becomes effortless.  


The results vary depending on your level of commitment, health, age and psychological factors.  Many Men gain full control over when they ejaculate within the two weeks. A phenomenal and life changing result.  For others it may take longer to retrain the energy.  However, within the two weeks you will have all the tools you need to take your time and continue the work until you experience the full benefits. 


Two-Week Energy Mastery Program Includes:

Three one-on-one sessions to be completed within the two week period and personally tailored exercises and homework based on your individual history and circumstances. 

1 x 90 minute Initial Consultation

  • Addressing psychological aspects & Releasing blocks.

  • Individually Tailored Program based on your personal history with P.E., sexuality & current relationship

  • Teachings of Tantra/Taoism

  • Practice of Energy Movement.


2 x 60 minute practice sessions include:

  • Practice of Energy Movement

  • Addressing psychological aspects & Releasing blocks.

  • Exploring deeper elements of the Teachings

  • Addressing individual issues & questions.

  • Learning more techniques of understanding and awakening Masculine and Feminine Energy. 

​​BODY WORK & MASSAGE Additional:

Body Work/Massage is available as an addition to each session. It is a powerful way to help heighten the experience of energy, however it is not essential to the learnings or practice.  The techniques are focussed on energy movement and breath and can be done anywhere at any time without physical touch.  

The body work allows you to more easily connect with energy and sensations while remaining powerfully focussed.  It is also deeply healing and honouring for the body  to receive.  If you are considering bodywork, please note that these are sacred, healing sessions and differ greatly from 'erotic' massage.  The purpose and intention is education and healing (not eroticism). Please feel free to call and discuss body work further.  



Two week Energy Mastery program: $360

 With massage/body work:  $590


Yes.  You may book a single Session if you would like to meet Tash and get more of a sense of the work without committing to the full course.  

However, it is important to remember that you are retraining a lifetime of habits in the body, so it does take some dedication and commitment to break the habits and gain mastery over the energy. The two week process supports your work, makes you accountable, encourages your progress and guarantees greater results.


Some Men have profound experiences even in the first session.  Generally however,  it takes more than one session for the deeper benefits to be experienced.  These are very different realms - whole new approach to sexuality - so it takes some time to understand the teachings and experience the benefits. Once you truly experience the energy, the 'work' becomes effortless.  

Follow up (or one-off) Sessions:

Without massage/body work:


        $150/90 mins

With massage/body work:


        $260/90 mins


Invest in one of the most important aspects of your life.


Tash's desire for Healing, Truth and Liberation led her to many spiritual paths, including Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.  The teachings of Tantra opened her to the profound possibilities of Who We Truly Are and formed the base of her spiritual path.  She spent many years exploring the teachings and offering sessions to Men, Women and Couples.

Tash's main passion and teaching now is Conscious Creating, however she still offers occasional workshops exploring Tantra & Sacred Sexuality. 

Tash is a Counsellor, Teacher, Tantric Practitioner - passionate about exploring new paradigms. Her work is professional, yet incorporates ancient teachings from many different realms - teachings science is only just beginning to scratch the surface of.  She brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and passion to every session.  Her work is Sacred: honouring Masculine, Feminine and the powerful Sacred Union of intimacy, sexuality and connection with life. 


  • Degree in Psychology (Griffith University)

  • Tantra Practitioner Training (Australian School of Tantra)

  • Part way through Masters of Sexology (Curtin University)

  • Quantum Touch (Level 1 - Brisbane)

Tash also draws from:

  • Meditation

  • Living in Process

  • Law of Attraction/Conscious Creating

  • Advaita

  • Emotional Processing

  • Body Work

  • Massage

  • Energy Healing

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I am blown away.  I would never have believed experiences like this were possible except that I've felt them myself.  This work has opened me up to spirituality in general.


Rockingham, WA

"Thank you Tash. This four weeks has been such a profound journey for me. Through practicing the simple techniques you've passed on I have genuinely experienced more sexual connection and intimacy with my partner than I have in our whole 16 years together and its not even been with a focus on making sex better, it's been about cultivating and working with energy. You have given me hope and confidence that i can experience the highest of highs with my partner when i had almost given up hope. The methods you taught on moving energy have helped me experience moments of orgasmic bliss which I have never experienced before. This was totally unexpected and in just a few weeks. The whole journey has been so much fun, thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting yourself out there and sharing your knowledge and wisdom. This four week course has opened the door to a whole new realm for me and my partner. Thank you!! Much love." 

David McKay

Perth, WA

The first night after doing the exercises with Tash, I woke in the middle of the night and I saw energy moving around me and between me and my partner.  I've never experienced anything like this.  It was wild.

Andrew 28

I had heard of Tantra but I didn't really have any idea what it was.  After this two weeks, I'm not even thinking about P.E. any more.  It's gone.  And even if it did occasionally come back, it just doesn't seem like an issue.  I get it all.  My old self is coming back.  I am more confident around women and I can feel them responding to me differently too.  Everyone should know about this work.  

Rob, 36

Perth, W.A.

Why are we not taught this stuff?!  I have had P.E. all my life.  In the first week of this work I was able to last pretty much as long as I wanted. Honestly it's hard to remember P.E. being an issue now.  My wife and I both practice the work and our sex lives are fulfilling on a level neither of us have experienced before.  It is life changing.  Thank you Tash for your incredible work.  


Perth, W.A.

Tash is an incredible teacher.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  I am now a Total convert.  I want to tell all my mates about this work.  I have struggled with P.E. since my first sexual experience.  I think I just lost myself over the years. I never felt sexually satisfied.  My wife treated sex like a chore.  I felt empty.  After doing this work I can last as long as I want to and I feel so much more confident in myself and my sexuality, I am a different person.  In the first week I had an 'energy orgasm' sitting in my car moving energy.  Most important, my wife and I have connected in ways that I have never experienced before.  She loves connecting sexually now.  We have spent the whole night making love with only a few hours sleep, many times since starting this work.  It is incredible.  I encourage every Man to learn Tantra. 

Michael, 30

Perth, W.A.

Moving energy and understanding these teachings has changed everything really.  It has become my passion to learn more and teach about this work too.  All men should know about this.  I am experiencing incredible things with my partner that I can't explain.  I am no longer addicted to Porn - I don't even watch it.  And I feel totally different around Women in general.  I feel deeply fulfilled and energised.  I feel alive!  It is my preference to not ejaculate these days - and just to keep building this incredible energy in my body. This is profound work.

Luke, 32

Perth, W.A.

Changed my life.  I can't thank you enough. 


Perth, W.A.

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Energy & Intimacy

Individual & couple sessions

* Sexual Energy *

The Animating Force of Life

(Couples & Singles)

​Powerful teachings and practices of Tantra & Taoism.  Heal shame and blocks.  Deepen intimacy, pleasure, love, self-expression and connection to the Mystery. Beautiful sessions that will change the way you relate to each other and the World. 




A simple, straightforward, fascinating evening exploring (sexual) Energy through modern Quantum Physics and the teachings of Ancient Cultures. 


* The basics of Tantra & Taoism.

* Simple practices that connect you with the profound

​Energy Mastery

Cure Premature Ejaculation

(one on one sessions for Men)


One of the benefits of working with sexual energy is that Men gain control over when they ejaculate (resolving premature ejaculation - P.E.).  You will experience deeper confidence, relaxation and intimacy... and begin to open to the many other benefits of cultivating life-force energy.

Sacred Sexual Energy

Healing & awakening through Sacred Sexual Energy. Singles/Couples.


Please feel welcome to call and have a chat! 


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