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Sharing the Magic of this Big Dream Manifesting.

Thursday, 23rd May - Podcast Interview with Bryn - W.A. Real

Bryn had heard of me through a mutual friend and invited me for an interview on his podcast to talk all things Conscious Creating. It was the first time I had declared publicly that THE GATHERING was happening - I had yet to publish the event on FB.

I shared my story and the details around THE GATHERING - A stadium full of conscious creators... gathered in circle... leading to a Campaign that would change the World.

When we finished the Podcast, Bryn stopped the recording and then turned to me a little more pointedly and said, "Now I want to share something with you..."

He told me that when he had first come to Perth he had a powerful Vision - he saw thousands of people from all around the World coming here to gather in circle. He also saw that the impact of this event would reverberate around the World. He had no more context than this other than that he would be part of it.

"So I'm in." He told me.


It was yet another confirmation for me of the sense of something much greater at play. It was the same sensation that I felt as ManiFEST was coming in - a sense that the Dreaming had a life of it's own - it was the Dream of many and I was just playing my little part... life was wielding it's Magic and I get taken along for the ride...

Two days later I posted the Event on FB.

W.A. REAL Podcast:

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