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Consciously Creating Interactions

I spent the morning listening to Abraham Hicks (Law of Attraction). They were talking about the fact that our vibration/our thoughts create our relationships. If we reach for and focus only upon the positive aspects in others, that is what they will offer to us. We can solicit the best FROM people just by seeing the best IN people.


Later that day I was in line to use an ATM on a busy street. A man beside me was acting odd: Yelling, talking to himself and kicking the wall just next to the ATM. I felt a sense of aversion to him. I judged him as untrustworthy, even dangerous. Perhaps he would try to take my money? I also felt self-conscious – he was drawing attention to himself and therefore me. And what if he tried to interact with me? I felt repulsion energy. I was not in appreciation of him.

Given what I'd been listening to that morning, I practiced consciously choosing different thoughts. The thoughts gained momentum of good feeling as I kept reaching for better feeling thoughts.

"I open to this man

He is a divine being providing interesting contrast in my reality.

If I am in high vibration I solicit from him the best of him

He is just in his own world doing his own thing

It’s quite amusing what he is doing.

Actually It’s quite cool that he is able to act so freely – it's inspiring!

With these new thoughts I felt a softening in me. A genuine smile and sense of relaxation came over me, along with lightness and playfulness. [When I’m in the Vortex I feel playful: deliciously unselfconscious and spontaneous.]

I finished what I was doing at the ATM and started walking away. I got as far as the street corner when a strange impulse caused me to turn around. There, trying to move quickly through the busy street in my direction was the 'odd' many yelling, "You! Hey You!” , and waving something above his head.

As he reached me, he held out my credit card and was muttering loudly about me having forgotten it.

I felt genuine appreciation for him and said to him, "Thank you so much, lucky you were next to me!'

He beemed a shy smile at me and held out his hand, “I’m Brendan!” he said unusually loudly.

“I’m Tash!” I said unusually loudly back, shaking his hand.

As I walked away another man who had taken in the scene nodded in the direction of Brendan.

“How beautiful” he said.

I agreed.


“There is something awfully refreshing about evoking newly” Abraham

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